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When Jean and Jane Ford came up with the idea of Benefit cosmetics, they designed each individual Benefit product for women with busy lives. So Benefit makeup means you can look great no matter where you are.

You can blend in or stand out from the crowd, depending on what the occasion is. And you can do that with the least amount of fuss or effort on your part.

Brows and lashes are brought to heel with a brow pencil or their famous Wish List Lashes Benefit mascara. Or just take things to the next level of brow volume with Gimme Brow.

Your skin will thank you for investing in the Joy to The Pores set, or maybe even treating it to the Hello Happy Velvet powder foundation.

Choices, choices, choices.

But it's only when you treat yourself to the Benefit products - that you absolutely deserve btw - that you'll understand why some of your gal pals can look great all the time. Their beauty secret is out and it's Benefit cosmetics.

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