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Explore our range of Soap Brow products

Get the brows you deserve with Soap Brow products from West Barn Co. They're the preferred choice of professional makeup artists because you get the effect of a gel brow, but without using chemicals.

Instead, glycerine soap is used to give sparse brows more volume or get those fluffy brows under control. You'll finally have total control of your eyebrow hair making it look as natural or styled as you want.

McSharrys stock a full range of Soap Brow products to help you tame your eyebrows. This includes brow soap, an eyebrow spoolie brush, facial prep mists in different scents, and a Brow Toolkit, containing eyebrow scissors and tweezers.

Why put up with an eyebrow shape, style, or volume you don't like?

Order Soap Brow products in Ireland from our online store for discrete, quick delivery to your front door.