Clarins - New Products For 2022

Clarins - New Products For 2022

  • 09 Mar 2022

We asked our Clarins Consultant in our Golden Island Store Karen Mealiff to go through some exciting new launches coming this month from Clarins. 

Clarins Nutri – Lumiere Revive

Clarins Lumiere Revive

What is it? 

This is a revitalising, multi-function care product designed to firm and plump mature skin.

What you get is an anti-ageing day cream that leaves your skin not only looking younger but also nourished and revitalized.

To the extent that you can expect your friends to comment on it.

The Benefits

The main benefit of Clarins Nutri – Lumiere Revive is the most important of all - it reduces the signs of ageing. Your skin looks and feels firmer, dark spots are faded and your skin has its glow back.

Suitable Skin Type: Normal/Dry Combination/Oily

Use: Every morning and or / evening

Texture & Fragrance: Clarins Nutri – Lumiere Revive is smooth, with a violet-tint and a gentle floral and fruity scent. Your skin also will not feel oil afterwards, so that's an added bonus.

Application: Apply in the morning to clean, dry skin.

First, warm the cream in your hands then place them over the face, working from the middle outward over the face and neck. 

Apply by gently pressing into the skin, always from the middle of the face outwards.

Anti-ageing Expertise There are 9 plant extracts found in Nutri-Lumiere and are all certified organic.

These are organic wakame, organic squalene, organic leaf of life, organic oat sugars, organic Shea butter, organic jojoba oil, organic desert date, organic harungana + anti-ageing tetrapeptides.

Clarins Nutri Lumiere Revive 50ml retails at €110.00 and is available in-store from our Terryland, Golden Island and Knocknacarra stores, or from our online store.

Clarins Calm Essential Repairing Soothing Balm

This is a new Clarins product that is perfect for anyone with sensitive or damaged skin.  Calm Essential Repairing Soothing Balm is formulated with a purified molecule from clary sage for maximum tolerance and effectiveness - it’s designed to be kind.

Fragrance-free this balm has a non-greasy formula and provides for an instant soothing and comforting action on the skin.

You can use it on your face and body to soothe, repair, and nourish any sensitive/damaged skin. It is perfect for all skin types.

Clarins Calm Essential Balm

93% of the women who tried it said their skin was soothed once they applied the Calm Essential Repairing Soothing Balm.

To apply this product dispense one pump onto your fingertips. Then apply a thick layer to the weakest areas of your skin. Press down gently 2 - 3 times for a few seconds and then gently smooth the balm across your skin to spread the product evenly.

You can apply the balm as often as you need to.

Clarins Calm Essential Soothing Balm retails at €35.00 and is available in-store in our Terryland , Knocknacarra, and Golden Island stores, or online from your favorite beauty pharmacy.


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