How To Double Cleanse Your Face: Step by Step

How To Double Cleanse Your Face: Step by Step

  • 11 Mar 2022

- Double Cleansing with CeraVe

Cleansing your face with your favourite cleanser is where any great skincare routine starts.

But what about the technique known as “double cleansing”? 

Simply put, double cleansing involves using two different types of cleansers, one right after the other. 

A deep cleanse is never more essential than in the evening. It is extremely important to remove makeup, SPF, dirt, and pollutants that have accumulated on your skin during the day before heading to bed as they could potentially contribute to ageing, pigmentation and breakouts. 

And if you are wondering what's the point of double cleansing and whether it's worth “double” the effort, just think of it like this: every single skincare product you put on after cleansing is redundant if you don't have a clean canvas for those products to work their magic on. That requires a bit more work than just washing your face.

After all, a superhero serum packed with active ingredients can’t do its thing if you apply it over some concealer or SPF that you missed out on when you did a once-over with a face wipe.

Now let's at how to double cleanse your face.

 skin cleaning phase one

The First Cleanse

Using something like a Micellar Water is a gentle yet effective way to start.  CeraVe Hydrating Micellar Water Ultra Gentle Cleanser is a new cleansing water that has arrived here in Ireland from the US. 

This is a cult brand that delivers affordable, effective skincare with no fuss - just ceramide-rich formulas that get the job done. 

Unlike traditional micellar waters, CeraVe’s new water-based cleanser formula has a long list of benefits for the skin. It’s been developed by dermatologists to gently remove makeup, dirt, and grime without disrupting the important skin barrier. 

The two star ingredients are niacinamide, a form of vitamin B3, which is known for its anti-inflammatory benefits and three essential ceramides (1, 3, 6-II) which help protect the skin’s natural barrier and keeps skin hydrated for up to 24 hours.

Simply apply to a cotton pad (reusable ones are best) and swipe over your face, lips and eyes to remove makeup, SPF and dirt. 

skin cleaning phase two

The Second Cleanse

After the first step has removed any makeup and impurities, step two involves a good old-fashioned cleanser and water to really clean the skin. 

Sticking with the CeraVe family we love their Hydrating Cleanser. 

This non-foaming gel formula includes hyaluronic acid for extra hydration, three essential ceramides to protect the skin's natural barrier and nicotinamide to soothe and provide anti-redness and anti-inflammatory properties. 

It is ultra-hydrating and best suited for normal to dry skin types. 

Skincare experts and dermatologists alike agree that double cleansing is a necessary step in the quest for healthy skin. 

Using two cleansers effectively removes all dirt, grime, and make up from your face at the end of each day, leaving your skin ready for your favourite serums, retinols and moisturisers to penetrate and work their magic much more efficiently.

There’s no better time than right now to start your double cleanse skin routine.

And you can find a full range of CeraVe products available online at McSharry’s Pharmacy.

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